Child Trends strives to identify the educational policies, programs, and structures that create the positive conditions for learning that help youth flourish in primary and secondary school, college, career, and beyond. Our areas of research expertise include social and emotional learning and non-academic competencies; school health and wellness policies; college and workplace readiness; school climate and discipline; bullying; integrated student services; school choice; family strengths and involvement in education; STEM (science, technology, engineering and math) education; and afterschool and summer learning. We offer technical assistance including survey, measure, and indicator development, and strategic planning around school initiatives; research syntheses; data and policy analysis; training; and program evaluation.


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Kindergarten Readiness National Outcome Measure

The skills children gain before kindergarten can greatly affect their ability to succeed in school. Consequently, communities have a vested interest in providing resources to support young children, setting them on a pat... More
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