The Child Trends News Service (CTNS) is a collaboration between the Child Trends Hispanic Institute and Ivanhoe Broadcast News, in partnership with Group i&i Consultancy and the University of Florida. CTNS is supported by the National Science Foundation.

Child Trends Hispanic Institute 

The Child Trends Hispanic Institute provides timely research-based information and guidance to improve outcomes for Latino children. The Institute develops and conducts evaluations of programs aimed at Latinos, and works to increase available data and provide information about Hispanic children and youth. The Institute leads the scientific editorial process for CTNS, identifying new research, vetting the scientific content of all news reports, and coordinating with researchers.

Ivanhoe Broadcast News 

Founded in 1982, Ivanhoe is the largest news-gathering organization in the country, covering medical breakthroughs, family health, and issues important to women. The company’s syndicated reports reach approximately 70 markets and 35 million U.S. households daily. Ivanhoe Broadcast News leads the production of CTNS reports, and distributes the reports to local TV news stations around the country.

Group i&i

Group i&i Consultancy focuses on capacity building through a number of venues: direct organizational development and strategic visioning, planning, and communication projects; grant funding and management, with a special emphasis on competitive federal awards; and comprehensive, rigorous evaluation and assessment. Group i&i is evaluating the implementation of CTNS and progress toward its anticipated outcomes. Group i&i also collaborates with the CTNS research team to assess how the project’s reports will influence changes in parenting behaviors and parents’ understanding of child development and social science.

The University of Florida

The University of Florida Survey Research Center (UFSRC) is an applied research center within the UF College of Liberal Arts and Sciences. The mission of the UFSRC is to accurately collect data in a manner that is respectful of survey participants and serves the needs of UF faculty and other partners for high-quality and cost-effective research. The UFSRC conducts surveys with parents participating in CTNS research. It is also responsible for programming surveys, sending videos to participating parents, and submitting data to Child Trends for analysis.