Dec 08, 2015
Lisa Gennetian,
Christopher Rodrigues,
Heather D. Hill,
Pamela Morris

Recent estimates suggest that differences in the amount of income instability (the amount of fluctuation in income, measured monthly) between the highest- and lowest-income households with children has increased nearly five-fold from 1984 to 2010, with the lowest-income households becoming less income stable. In this research brief, we take a close look at poverty and income instability among Hispanic children and compare their experiences with those of non-Hispanic children. This brief focuses on the following questions: Do experiences of income instability differ for Hispanic versus non-Hispanic children overall? Do these experiences differ for lower-income as compared to higher-income Hispanic and non-Hispanic children? Does income instability differ by Hispanic children’s select household and demographic characteristics?

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Lisa Gennetian
Christopher Rodrigues
Heather D. Hill
Pamela Morris