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Child Trends’ What Works/LINKS database (LINKS stands for Lifecourse Interventions to Nurture Kids Successfully) is a searchable register of over 700 programs that have had at least one randomized, intent-to-treat evaluation to assess child or youth outcomes related to education, life skills, and social/emotional, mental, physical, behavioral, or reproductive health. Program eligibility was not dependent on whether significant program impacts were found.

Search the database by typing keywords into the “Search LINKS” field below or by clicking on specific options related to program population, outcome, or approach. For an alphabetical list of all programs, click “View All Programs.” Learn about the structure of our program descriptions, about our eligibility criteria, and about the definitions and methodology we use, or go to our program submission form to submit a study for review. To obtain information on program effectiveness, see our LINKS syntheses and LINKS effect size charts.

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