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Teen Pregnancy/Reproductive Health

Child Trends examines sexual activity, fertility, and contraceptive use and decision-making, focusing particularly on teens and young adults. Our research informs program providers and policymakers on  strategies to prevent unintended pregnancies and sexually transmitted infections, and to promote healthy relationships. We collect and analyze data about teens and young adults, track trends, evaluate programs, and design and test new interventions and measures.

Featured Publications

Reducing Teen Childbearing among Latinos: An Innovative Anti-Poverty Strategy (Report)

Dec 2013 | Child Trends

Hispanics in the U.S. experience high rates of adolescent childbearing, high school dropout, and poverty. Research finds that these issues are linked. With the goal of decreasing poverty rates, this project has sought to identify promising approaches to reducing early childbearing among Latino adolescents. To inform this work, Child Trends researchers have synthesized evidence from research studies, trend data, and evaluations of intervention programs. We have also conducted qualitative interviews with parents, teens, and program designers and practitioners. The findings from each of these endeavors are described in the chapters of the report.

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The Dynamics in Young Adult Romantic Relationships: Important for Success in Love — and in Life

Dec 2013 | Elizabeth Wildsmith; Jennifer Manlove; Nicole Steward-Streng; Elizabeth Cook

In this Research Brief, Child Trends used the “Romantic Pair” subsample of a long-term study of adolescent health to describe relationship dynamics among young adults in heterosexual relationships.

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Let's (Not) Talk About Sex: Communication and Teen Pregnancy Prevention Within Hispanic Families

Nov 2013 | Lina Guzman; Elisabeth Golub; Selma Caal; Shelby Hickman; Manica Ramos

This Research Brief is one in a series developed by Child Trends to explore issues related to Latino teen pregnancy and childbearing and to consider promising approaches for teen pregnancy prevention programs for this population.

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Adolescent Health Highlight: Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STDs)

Oct 2013 | Elizabeth Wildsmith; Megan Barry; Brigitte Vaughn; Jennifer Manlove

This Adolescent Health Highlight presents key research findings about the trends in STD rates among U.S. adolescents, discusses factors that heighten or reduce adolescents' risk of acquiring an STD, and provides information and resources on STD prevention and testing.

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