Poverty poses both immediate and long-term threats to children’s development. Child Trends monitors the prevalence of child poverty over time, and its impact on child outcomes. In all of our research areas, from early childhood to youth development, we examine differences in child well-being by family income. We also evaluate the effects of programs and policies aimed at children and families in poverty.

Our DataBank provides annual updates on the number and percent of children living under key poverty thresholds.

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When the Bough Breaks: The Effects of Homelessness on Young Children

Feb 2012 | Marci McCoy-Roth; Bonnie Mackintosh; David Murphey

Looks at the stressors faced by homeless children. There are negative effects on children's development, including physical, social-emotional, and cognitive development. Several policy and practice implications are stated to better the outcomes for homeless children.

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Maryland Child Care Choices Study: Child Care Decision-Making Process and Child Care Choices among Applicants for Temporary Cash Assistance

Jul 2013 | Laura Rothenberg; Samantha Goldhagen; Vanessa Harbin Sacks; Nicole Forry

This Research Brief explores the child care decision-making processes among parents who recently applied for Temporary Cash Assistance (TCA) in Maryland. Key findings from this Brief address the sources of information parents use in learning about care arrangements, the duration and difficulty of their search process, and their priorities and child care choices.

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Two Generations in Poverty: Status and Trends among Parents and Children in the United States, 2000-2010

Nov 2011 | Zakia Redd; Tahilin Sanchez Karver; David Murphey; Kristin Anderson Moore; Dylan Knewstub

This Research Brief examines recent poverty data and trends over the past decade through a two-generation lens.

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Children in Poverty: Trends, Consequences, and Policy Options

Apr 2009 | Kristin Anderson Moore; Zakia Redd; Mary Burkhauser; Kassim Mbwana; Ashleigh Collins

This Research Brief draws on Census data for 2007 to present a statistical portrait of children in poverty in the United States, updating similar briefs Child Trends produced in 1999 and 2002. The brief highlights research on the consequences of poverty for children and suggests program and policy approaches that hold promise for decreasing poverty among low-income children and their families.

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