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Child Trends investigates family relationships that influence a child’s development from birth through the transition to adulthood. We look at all family and household structures from children living with two parents, single parents, extended family members, and with foster and adoptive parents. We also study the role of fathers in children’s development and ways to improve father engagement among diverse groups of fathers. We offer expertise in quantitative and qualitative research, program evaluation, policy design, and technical assistance.

Featured Publications

The Characteristics and Circumstances of Teen Fathers: At the Birth of Their First Child and Beyond

Jun 2012 | Mindy E. Scott; Jennifer Manlove; Nicole R. Steward-Streng; Kristin A. Moore

Research and policy in the United States have focused much more on teen mothers than on teen fathers.

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Parental Relationship Quality and Child Outcomes Across Subgroups

Apr 2011 | Moore, K.A.; Bandy, T.; Kinghorn, A.

Examines the quality of the parents’ relationship and positive outcomes for children and families across various population subgroups, especially among disadvantaged groups.

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Parental Perceptions of High-Quality Care and School Readiness: Findings from the Maryland Research Capacity Project

Nov 2011 | Forry, N.; Zaslow, M.; Wessel, J.

A fact sheet on findings from the Maryland Research Capacity Project on parental perceptions of high-quality care and school readiness.

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What Works for Parent Involvement Programs for Children: Lessons from Experimental Evaluations of Social Interventions

Dec 2009 | Mbwana, K.; Terzian, M.; Moore, K.A.

Child Trends reports on what works for parent involvement programs for children.

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