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Latino Children and Families

Latino children, youth, and families are a large, fast-growing, diverse – and largely understudied — segment of the U.S. population. Latinos represent 16 percent of our nation’s population and 25 percent of our public elementary students. Child Trends explores an array of topics focusing on Latino children and families, including teen pregnancy and other aspects of reproductive health; early childhood development; positive youth development; family formation; effective programs; and indicators related to child well-being. We provide a range of research services from literature reviews, survey design, data analysis, evaluation, and qualitative research.

To help inform how programs and policy can better serve Hispanic children and families, Child Trends and Abt Associates are pleased to announce the National Research Center on Hispanic Children & Families, funded by the Office of Planning, Research & Evaluation, Administration of Children & Families. The Center is made up of a strong team of national experts in Hispanic issues, and is a hub of research to improve the lives of Hispanics across three priority areas: poverty reduction and self-sufficiency, healthy marriage and responsible fatherhood, and early care and education. Read more about the Center and its Summer Research Fellowship Program.

Featured Publications

Reducing Teen Childbearing Among Latinos: An Innovative Anti-Poverty Strategy (Research Brief)

Feb 2014 | Kristin Anderson Moore; Jennifer Manlove; Lina Guzman; Karen Walker

An interdisciplinary team of social scientists at Child Trends used multiple research methods to identify promising approaches to reduce early childbearing among Latino adolescents. This work included a review of research studies, a scan of intervention programs, focus groups with adolescents, interviews with parents and with program designers and program staff, as well as analyses of national data bases. In this research brief, we synthesize the results across these various research methods to identify major findings and implications for teen pregnancy prevention efforts for Latinos.

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Preventing Teen Pregnancy Among Latinos: Recommendations from Research, Evaluation, and Practitioner Experience

Feb 2014 | Mindy Scott; Amanda Berger; Selma Caal; Shelby Hickman; Kristin Moore

This brief highlights ways that adolescents’ individual attitudes and beliefs, as well as family and parents, peers, and romantic partners, can help or hinder their desires to avoid teen pregnancy. Further, the brief addresses the need for programs and policy makers to recognize these influences and respond accordingly. Based on the findings outlined in this brief, Child Trends developed eight key recommendations for consideration in future intervention efforts.

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Let's (Not) Talk About Sex: Communication and Teen Pregnancy Prevention Within Hispanic Families

Nov 2013 | Lina Guzman; Elisabeth Golub; Selma Caal; Shelby Hickman; Manica Ramos

This Research Brief is one in a series developed by Child Trends to explore issues related to Latino teen pregnancy and childbearing and to consider promising approaches for teen pregnancy prevention programs for this population.

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When Sex and Dating Are the Same: Latinos' Attitudes on Teen Parenthood and Contraception

Nov 2013 | Lina Guzman; Selma Caal; Shelby Hickman; Elisabeth Golub; Manica Ramos

This Research Brief reports on what Child Trends learned through recent focus groups and interviews with Latino teens and parents about their values, ideals, and attitudes about teen parenthood, teen dating and sex, and the use of birth control by teens. It discusses the potential implications of these values, ideals, and attitudes for teen pregnancy prevention programs.

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