Kristin Anderson Moore Annual Lecture

The Kristin Anderson Moore Annual Lecture was created by Child Trends’ Board of Directors in September 2006 to honor Kris Moore’s years of leadership as President of Child Trends, from 1992 to 2006. The Board resolution establishing the Lecture states, in part:


“Kris Moore is an outstanding researcher and a thought leader in the field of children’s research. She possesses a rare ability to think across disciplines, to connect seemingly disparate issues, and to create new paradigms that fundamentally change the direction of research and improve policies and practices that support children and families. In recognition of this quality, and to express its deep appreciation to Kris Moore for her years of outstanding leadership, Child Trends’ Board of Directors will create and support the Kristin Anderson Moore Annual Lecture – a public address by a researcher outside of Child Trends selected by Kris, speaking on a topic of her choosing. The only criteria we suggest for choosing a lecturer are that he or she be someone whose work intrigues Kris and who shares her passion for integrating knowledge and communicating it effectively.”

–Child Trends’ Board of Directors, September 30, 2006


The Moore Lecture is an opportunity for Child Trends to raise an important issue related to children’s well-being and to encourage thoughtful public discussion of that issue. The intended audiences for the Lecture include the public policy community, the research community, the philanthropic community, and the media. The Lecture and accompanying commentary will be published and disseminated by Child Trends. The first Kristin Anderson Moore Lecture will be delivered on October 17, 2007 by Isabel Sawhill, Ph.D., Senior Fellow, the Brookings Institution, on “The Intergenerational Balancing Act: Where Children Fit in an Aging Society.”


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