Survey on Services and Supports for Young People Transitioning from Foster Care


The survey is a PDF document that would be best viewed and completed using Adobe Reader X (or newer). If you would like to download Adobe Reader X, please click here.

Accessing the survey

To access the Survey on Services and Supports for Young People Transitioning from Foster Care, please click here.

Completing the survey

UPDATE: The survey responses should be entered directly into the electronic PDF after it has been downloaded from the internet and saved to your computer. You may also print out the survey and work with a hard copy of the document, if preferable, until you are ready to enter the information electronically.

Submitting the survey

The survey will be submitted to Garet Fryar at Child Trends via email. Follow these instructions:

  1. After completing the survey electronically, click on the button labeled “SUBMIT BY EMAIL,” an envelope icon located at the top of the Adobe Reader.
  1. Click “Send Copy” or “Attach to Email.”  You will be taken to an email screen to which the data file is already attached.  Please send this to

Alternatively, if you have a prior version of Adobe Reader and it does not have a “SUBMIT BY EMAIL” button, you may save this file directly onto your computer and attach it as a normal attachment to an e-mail. To do this, click the “Save As” button under the file menu.  Save this file directly to your computer and email it to


Please contact Garet Fryar at or 240-223-9258 with any questions about the survey or if you need assistance with particular items.


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