Lina Guzman photo

Lina Guzman

Director of Child Trends' Hispanic Institute and Co-Director for Reproductive Health and Family Formation & Senior Research Scientist
Education: Ph.D., Sociology, University of Wisconsin-Madison

Lina Guzman is a family demographer with expertise in qualitative research and survey design. Her current research focuses on reproductive health and decision-making among young adults, in particular racial/ethnic minorities, as well as union formation and stability among vulnerable couples.

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Alicia Torres photo

Alicia Torres

Senior Director of Communications
Education: Ph.D., Strategic Communications and Mass Media Studies, University of Texas

Alicia Torres is the Director of Communications at Child Trends. She works with the communications team to develop and implement strategic communications plans and programs to promote Child Trends’ research findings to intended audiences, and to build visibility for Child Trends leadership role in bridging rigorous, reliable research findings to the needs of practitioners and policymakers.

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Selma Caal photo

Selma Caal

Research Scientist
Education: Ph.D., Applied Developmental Psychology, George Mason University

Selma Caal has over 10 years of experience studying families and child/youth well-being. She has experience conducting quantitative and qualitative studies using social ecological models. Her research portfolio includes studies that have examined factors associated with the social and emotional development of children and youth and, more recently, factors associated with reproductive health behaviors among Latino adolescents.

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Tamara Halle photo

Tamara Halle

Co-Director for Early Childhood Development and Senior Research Scientist
Education: Ph.D., Developmental Psychology, University of Michigan

Tamara Halle conducts research and evaluation studies on children’s early cognitive and social development, early childhood care and education, family and community supports for school readiness, and school characteristics associated with ongoing achievement and positive development.

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David Murphey photo

David Murphey

Senior Research Scientist
Education: Ph.D., Developmental Psychology, University of Michigan

David Murphey is a senior research scientist at Child Trends with expertise in selecting, developing, monitoring, and analyzing indicators of child and youth well-being at national, state, and local levels.

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Manica F. Ramos photo

Manica F. Ramos

Research Scientist
Education: Ph.D., Applied Developmental Psychology, University of Maryland, Baltimore County

Manica Ramos is a developmental psychologist who conducts mixed methods research. Her research focuses on early care and education programs, specifically, parental engagement, assessing the quality of parent-teacher relationships, understanding and measuring cultural sensitivity and parental empowerment, and conducting evaluations of early care and education interventions.

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Elizabeth Wildsmith photo

Elizabeth Wildsmith

Deputy Program Area Director
Education: Ph.D., Sociology, The University of Texas at Austin

Elizabeth Wildsmith is a family demographer who studies family formation and reproductive health. Her research examines the process of marriage, cohabitation, and childbearing, as well as how social and family contexts may increase exposure to, or offer protection from, risk factors associated with the negative health and well-being of women, children, and families.

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Sarah Catherine Williams photo

Sarah Catherine Williams

Research Scientist
Education: M.S.W., University of Georgia

Sarah Catherine Williams works in the Child Welfare program area, and has experience in program evaluation, qualitative research methods, and has conducted analyses and syntheses of qualitative data.

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