Indicator List for Program Implementation Matters



This research area provides support to organizations and programs serving children and youth. Our goal is to help them improve their quality and effectiveness in achieving intended outcomes. Our evaluation experts conduct implementation research, using multiple methods, to assess program, organizational, and community characteristics that influence program operations. Findings are used to provide formative feedback to help programs identify and address their challenges, to assess programs’ readiness for rigorous impact studies, and to understand the circumstances under which programs operate best.

We also work directly with organizations to promote their ability to act on information to improve their programs. We do this by helping them develop evidence-informed and testable theories of change that align program outcomes with activities, and strengthen how they collect, analyze, and use data to provide actionable information.  And we develop technical assistance materials and strategies to provide youth-serving programs with information that addresses common challenges to their operations, such as outreach and recruitment, communications, retention, and program scaling and sustainability.

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