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Child Trends DataBank Archive provides you access to historical indicators, where updated information is not currently available.

  • After-School Activities
  • Kindergartners’ Social Interaction Skills
  • Long-term Poverty
  • Parental Warmth & Affection
  • Public Schools with Pre-K and Special Education Pre-K Programs
  • Regular Bedtime and Mealtime

Archived Indicators


After-School Activities

Between 2001 and 2005, the percentage of students participating in clubs, community service, and sports increased. In 2005, sports had the highest participation rate for after-school activities, with 31 percent of kindergarten through eighth grade students participating.


Regular Bedtime and Mealtime

Young children from low income families are much less likely than those from high income families to have a regular bedtime and a regular mealtime. In 2000, 47 percent of those with annual family incomes at or below $17,500 had both the same bedtime and the same mealtime every day, compared with 70 percent for those with family incomes exceeding $60,000.

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